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The Ishta Centre

The Ishta Centre was founded by Sue Weller and Allyn Edwards.

We opened in June 2000.

The Vision

They believe that the body has its own inborn healing abilities so the primary aim of the centre is to provide the very best in natural and holistic healthcare allowing those innate abilities to work at their optimum levels.

More than just a therapy centre

“Our aim is to empower people to look after themselves”.

This is only possible with the correct information so the secondary aim of the Ishta Centre is to educate.

The Educational Program

We offer information about all the therapies on offer and there will be regular open days for the public to come in and have a look around. There is a series of classes, workshops talks and seminars about how you can take charge of your own health.

We can also tailor an optimum health program for your specific needs. 

We have a newsletter which is sent out every month or so to keep everyone up to date with what's happening at the Centre.

We also have a download area where you can download audio programs which will give you a basic nutritional education. You can also download therapy brouchures there.

There are also professional training courses in alternative health run from the centre.

A Resource Centre

The third aim of the centre is to be an information and advice point for issues relating to natural health. Books, magazines and articles will all be available. We also have an On-Line Store where you can access cutting edge products and services to increase your level of wellness.

We are also interested in making information about health available which isn't tainted by vested interests. As a result we have tracked down some high quality information sites on the web which don't have a vested interest in keeping you unwell and which can give you relatively sane advice on how to improve your health. See our links page.

We are very concerned with the toxic chemicals in everyday items so we also offer safe and effective household products and a range of non-toxic toiletries.

Call in and see what’s on offer

A Meeting Venue

The centre has a seminar room for hire. It can take 26 people in theatre format and there is plenty of free parking in the centre’s own car park. There is seminar equipment, massage couches and kitchen facilities available.

Stone is just 10 minutes from junctions 14 or 15 of the M6. Stone railway station is a 2 minute walk away.    Map

This makes the Ishta Centre a great venue for workshops.

The Ishta Centre is also the home of the Staffordshire McTimoney Chiropractic Clinic.

Currently Available

For more information

We have more information about all the therapies available at the centre. Either follow the links or come in and pick up the brochures.  You can also download the brochures from our download area.

If you are unsure about which therapy would be right for you call us and we’ll be happy to advise you. We offer a free ten minute consultation with one of our therapists to help you decide which would be the most helpful of our therapists to see.

All our therapists are fully qualified and insured so you can have confidence when you book an appointment at THE ISHTA CENTRE.

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Looking for a change of career? We can tell you about training in a dynamic alternative health modality and a home based business in the wellness field.



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