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The centre is a venue for training courses.

Courses Currently Running from the Ishta Centre

Ishta Spinal Touch®

Ishta Spinal Touch initiates restoration of health by simply correcting postural adaptations that occur throughout our lives.  It releases strain on the nervous system allowing it to work more efficiently thus stimulating the innate healing abilities resident in us all.

It is this that makes Ishta Spinal Touch so good at helping people to attain maximum wellness and vitality.

Sue Teaching


Mixed Mode Delivery

The training course which is open to all existing therapists consists of 7 modules delivered in a mixed mode of teaching over a period of around 6 months.

Module 1: Introductory weekend, teaching the basics of the plumb line assessment and an alignment procedure.  Attendance required.

Module 2: One day to refine the practical skills learnt in module 1. Attendance required.

Modules 3-6: On-line tutorials.

Module 7: Final weekend includes written and practical assessments.  Attendance required.

Full details of the course here.


Why Train in Ishta Spinal Touch?

Shorter appointments.  You can help more people improve and gain greater satisfaction from your work.

A very relaxing, gentle and effective technique.  Clients love it, see rapid improvement and refer.

Convert your practice to a wellness orientated one.  See positive, well people who keep coming back for maintenance care.

A simple, measurable assessment procedure.  You and your clients can see the improvements at the end of every session.

Add-on technique.  A dynamic health modality to compliment your existing skill base

Gain a great reputation.  More people want appointments, saving on advertising costs.

Having a full diary when you work.  Means you can afford to take more holidays.



Sue Weller and Allyn Edwards have over forty-six years of combined experience as trainers of brilliant and skilful practitioners.

They offer life-time support and welcome contact from students and graduates at any time.  Their experience as busy practitioners helps them to answer your questions.

More information about training in Ista Spinal Touch here.


Module 1 is a stand-alone module and if you decide not to take it any further you will be able to use what you have learned on family and friends

Have the practice you deserve.



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