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Non-Toxic Toiletries

Do you know that according to professor Samuel Epstein, the author of the "Safe Shopper's Bible" there are 884 known toxic chemicals allowed in toiletries and cosmetics, and of those 884 toxic chemicals 125 are carcinogenic.

In addition the American Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that of these 884 toxic chemicals, 778 can cause acute toxicity; 146 can cause tumours; 218 can cause reproductive complications; 314 can cause biological mutation; and 376 can cause skin and eye irritations. There are others which are suspected of causing birth defects.

It's a frightening thought. These are products we all use every day and they are increasing the toxic load on our bodies. This means that our immune systems are using up their reserves dealing with stuff we could be avoiding rather than being used to fight infections etc.

We have a whole range of toiletries, cosmetics, personal care products and household cleaners that don't have any of these 884 toxic chemicals in them.

Ask Allyn Edwards or Sue Weller for more details or go to the Store.



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