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The Children’s Clinic

Aim of the Children’s Clinic

The aim of the Children’s Clinic is to provide natural, holistic healthcare in order to restore and, more importantly, maintain the health of children, from birth to age 16.

Why children become ill

Children are subjected to lots of stressors including trauma such as accidents, operations, the effects of vaccinations and drugs, processed foods, pollution, toxic personal care products, carrying heavy school bags, emotional upsets and much more. These stressors put heavy demands on children’s systems, which with time may lead to imbalances, physical, mental or emotional.

With the help of a variety of natural therapies provided at the Ishta Centre we can work towards correcting these imbalances.

Which therapy?

Most of the therapies are suitable for babies and children. If you are unsure which approach would be best we provide a free 10-minute consultation with a therapist. After discussing with you your child’s’ needs they will advise you on the most appropriate therapy. An appointment with the relevant therapist will then be made.

What happens at an appointment?

A detailed medical history will be taken covering current and past health conditions, family health, birth details, accident history, medication details and much more. An explanation of the treatment will be provided. If after all that you want to proceed, your child will be treated. Any advice given is not intended to replace any medical treatment your child maybe receiving. In some circumstances the therapist may work with your GP.

More than one therapy

Sometimes one therapy may not suffice and a multi-treatment approach is required. At the Ishta Centre we have regular contact with each other as therapists and encourage a co-operative, integrated approach to your child’s natural health care.

How many treatments and what does it cost?

Children normally have very responsive healing abilities and as a result need fewer treatments than adults. There is usually a good response within 2 to 6 sessions. The costs of appointments at the Children’s Clinic are less than adults but do vary between therapies so call for more information.

“Prevention is better than cure”

To maintain your child’s health it is better to have a regular check-up, such as every 6 months.

For more information contact the Centre.



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