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Sue Weller


Sue Weller


Sue has worked as a Chiropractor since 1990, although she has been interested in alternative medicine and natural healing since 1975.

Sue's initially interest in alternative medicine was as a result of her suffering as a child from chronic hayfever and allergies. When the medical profession decided that she had come to the end of the line with medication she took it upon herself as a teenager to discover self-help approaches.

This was in the form of nutritional support and dietary changes that had amazing positive affects on her health.

So when in her early twenties she had a slipped disc in her mid back she naturally sought help from the alternative medical field. The manipulative therapist she visited suggested retraining as a chiropractor. After some thought and realisation that her current career as a Science Teacher didn't fill her with enormous hope for the future she decided to retrain as a Chiropractor.

Sue chose the McTimoney Chiropractic course because of its whole body approach and the fact that it still held onto the Mind, Body, Spirit philosophy of healing.

Once in practise and seeing the benefits of this holistic approach to chiropractic she decided to continue her studies to provide a deeper treatment approach for her patients. Sue went on to study CranioSacral therapy, Spinal Touch and Nutrition.

Sue now integrates her knowledge and extensive experience into her treatment protocol, which provides her patients with an all-round, supportive approach. She encourages her patients to adopt lifestyle changes that will provide them with long lasting improvements to their health.

Sue strives to provide an improved service by continuing her education in the field of alternative medicine.

Sue practises McTimoney Chiropractic, CranioSacral Therapy, Koren Specific Technique and Ishta Spinal Touch.

Email Sue here.

Telephone Sue 01785 616010.



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