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On Second Thoughts …

If you have been following the last eight articles and putting the suggestions into practise you should now be enjoying greater levels of vitality than you were at the start and have increased your resources bank account. You are now healthier and better prepared to fend off any health challenges that come your way. Congratulations.

Those seven suggestions were.
  1. Get a little more sleep.
  2. Keep well hydrated.
  3. Chew your food more.
  4. Improve your posture.
  5. Have a broader diet.
  6. Move your body more.
  7. Breath deeper

An Eight Suggestion

There is an eight suggestion that you can do which will also dramatically improve your ability to look after yourself and improve your life. Like the first seven it is free to do and it brings improved wellbeing. Unlike the first seven most people find it rather difficult to put into practice.

Change your mind about something or someone!

We are all living with decisions we made in the past about people or things and although they may have been valid decisions then, circumstances change, move on, new information comes to light, and if we're not prepared to update our thoughts and feeling we get locked into the past.

Get into the habit of reviewing your past decisions to see if they are still valid. If they're not then change them to something more appropriate.

Go on, change your mind, I dare you!



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