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Don't Be a Silly Sausage

Let's conduct an experiment. Thinking about it we'd best make it a thought experiment.

Find a sausage that's the same size as of one of your fingers. Take a knife and make two identical cuts; one in your finger and the other in the sausage. Apply the antibiotic of your choice to each cut, a couple of sutures or iodine if you prefer and put a plaster over each. Leave for seven days and take off the plasters.


Will both cuts have healed?

Well the chances are that the cut on your finger will have healed but the cut in the sausage won't have.

Why didn't the sausage heal if you treated it exactly the same as you did your finger?

Now you might say that this is a silly question: obviously the sausage won't heal because it's not alive whereas your finger is.

Well actually, that's my point. Life heals! Drugs alone don't heal; otherwise the sausage would get better.

If we want to get better from something we obviously need more life to do so.

What is life?

Well Mark Twain had an answer for this one. He said "Life is one damn thing after another". Hmm, perhaps not the most useful definition. Let me see if I can define life a little better.

Life is the expression of our inner resources manifested through the medium of our physical body. The more wholly we can manifest our inner resources the more life we can express.

So if we want to be able to heal quickly we need more resources.

The Resource Bank Account

Think of your resources like a bank account. If you have sufficient funds in the account when an unexpected bill comes in you can just pay it. If you don't have enough funds, or even worse are over drawn, then that unexpected bill can turn into a crisis.

In a similar way if we have enough resources in our bodies then when we have a health challenge, for example an unexpected disease or accident, then we have the where-with-all to make a full recovery. If we don't have sufficient resources, or are over drawn, owing, normally, to poor life-style choices, that health challenge can become a crisis and you have to hope that the drugs will work.

How do you increase the funds in a bank account? Well you increase saving and decrease spending. How do you increase your resources? In exactly the same way. You do things which build up your resources and stop doing the things that are a drain on them.

Over the last 50 years or so of our combined experience in helping people recover from their health challenges we have identified seven simple things we can all do to increase our resources and decrease the drain on the resources we already have.

Over the next seven articles in this series we are going to be sharing these with you. They all have a few things in common. The first is that they are all FREE. Yes, that's right they don't cost you a penny to do. The second is that they are all simple to put into practise. We have taught these things to many, many people over the years and we are confident that anyone can do them. Thirdly they work! So really you have no excuses left for not doing them.

The Challenge

So here's the challenge. Are you prepared to become healthier than you are at the moment? If you can make one small change each week you could be dramatically healthier than you are today.

You can choose to build your resources or squander them. The choice is yours. But when a health challenge happens, and they do happen, are you going to have the resources to stop it turning into a crisis or are you going to be a silly sausage?



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