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Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance


Sacred Dance is about unity, the simple joy of being in harmony with a circle of dancing people, moving as one. It can be slow and meditative; faster and energising; lyrical and relaxing; always beautiful.

We can experience this unity physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


By using our bodies in this gentle way we encourage all of our parts to work together. This increases our balance, poise and grace.


Dancing in this way encourages unity between the hemispheres of the brain. It tones and strengthens the nervous system and charges the so-called brain battery.


It is very easy to feel fragmented in today's modern world. We have to be so many different things to many different people. Dancing in this way brings all the disparate parts of our personalities together once again.


Sacred Dance infuses feelings of community within those taking part. It can also help us to feel at one with the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of our beautiful planet enabling us to find our place in the web of life.


Sacred Dance can help us to feel at one with the creative source behind the manifest universe.


Although at each dance session different elements may have the main focus, all five elements are always present, to a greater or lesser extent. This means that participants are free to engage with as many, or as few of those elements that they want to. This makes the dance very accessible to everyone.


Roots of the Dance

These simple dance forms have their roots in those parts of Europe where people still celebrate life and express unity through dance. These dances are mainly done in circles, hence the alternative name of Circle Dance. Some people combine the two names into one as Sacred Circle Dance.  

A growing tradition

Now there are dances from most of the world's cultures and traditions, not extolling one above the other, but acknowledging what is sacred to them all. That is, we are all one people living on one planet. There are also many newly choreographed dances to beautiful and inspiring music. That's why some people are now even calling it World Dance, to reflect its eclectic nature.

There are no performance pressures. No partners are needed, and in most cases no previous experience is required. You too can liberate the dancer within and revitalise your mind, body and spirit.

Sacred Dance workshops are occasionally arranged by Allyn Edwards.



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