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Optimum Health Program

The Optimum Health Programming service is in two parts. The first is common to everyone while the second is tailored to fit your needs. This may involve the intervention of more than one of the therapists at the Centre.

Part 1

There are certain things that everyone needs for good health.

Everyone needs 90 nutrients on a daily basis, a certain amount of water, air, sunshine and chlorophyll, that is good basic nutrition.

Everyone needs to detoxify their lives by avoiding toxins in their food, water, air and the things they introduce to their bodies, for example food allergies or toxic toiletries. They also need to avoid activities that are damaging to them.

Everyone needs a certain amount of exercise.

Everyone needs a certain amount of rest.

Everyone needs a positive mental outlook.

We can explain each of these in more details. Ask us if you are interested.

Part 2

Everybody is unique so the program is the tailored to your needs.

For example, if your blood pressure is high then there are things available to help reduce it. If you find it difficult to de-stress there are techniques that can help you etc.

Here at the Ishta Centre we have a very wide skill set between us so we will be able to help you attain a better level of health.

If you are interested in taking part in a optimum health program contact any of the practitioners.



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