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Natural Facials

Throughout my childhood I suffered from eczema so I had to be careful of what products I used. The burning sensation was horrific and nothing would stop it until the hydrocortisone ointment was applied.  However, the side effects from using this kind of treatment was the thinning of the skin, especially my hands.
Now throughout my adult life and the nature of work that I am doing I am very mindful of certain types and brands that are on the market. I have to be cautious of products with a strong chemical base especially around my eyes and hands. 


Back to Basic

So with this in mind I wanted to create my own little selection of products to help combat those nasty little flare ups and reactions.
The range is simple yet effective; they contain no parabens, toxins, additives or harsh chemicals.

Your face is the one area of your body that is almost always exposed to the outside elements including wind, sun, rain and the cold. In order to keep your skin looking good you need to take care of it.

The reason for having a regular professional facial is to aid relaxation of the facial muscles but to open up the pores of the skin in order to remove any impurities and refresh your skin. Not only is a facial relaxing, the facial massage helps to increase circulation bringing new nutrients to the skin at the cellular level.

My natural deep cleansing products are created for all different types of skin, for those who have sensitive skin to teenage skin / problematic skin. Facial masks help to unclog pores and clear your complexion. Facials also help to balance the oil level in your skin and keeping your skin moisturised.

A vitamin exfoliation is a great way for the removal of dry dead skin cells and unclog facial pores to prevent breakouts. Follow it with my specialised toner to help close, tighten and refresh the facial pores.

Moisturise - your facial programme is never complete until my special blend of natural based moisturisers have been applied. I have a created a delicate range of moisturisers specific to each skin type, however certain blends can be suitable for all skin types.

Why not book an appointment to have a wonderful natural facial. Relax, enjoy and feel the difference.

Be kind to your skin.

The esthetician and creator of the "Back to Basic" range is Jane Elizabeth.



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