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It's very difficult to find out information regarding your health these days without it being coloured by massive vested interest.  We read things in the papers or see them on television where "such-a-thing" is now deemed dangerous only to find that the study or report was issued by a competitor of "such-a-thing".  We also find that "things" are perfectly safe only to find that those reports have been made by the manufacturers of those "things".

All this prevents us from taking control of our health and well-being. We need unbiased information about our health so that we can make intelligent choices about our lives.

All the following links have one thing in common.  There are no vested interests behind them. Some of the information might be deemed to be controversial by the orthodox sources of information.  Some of it they don't want you to know.  What we would advise is to read what information these links provide, think about it and do your due diligence by following up with some research, and then make your choices. The site for "What Doctors Don't Tell You".  If you have been diagnosed with an illness or condition this is the place to find out about the treatment options you may have been given.  Also if you have been prescribed any medicines you can find out just what they do to you.  This site has contributions from Doctors who feel you have a right to know what is happening to your body. If you have been diagnosed with cancer this if a good first port of call to find out what your options are.  Contributors include people who have had cancer sharing their experiences.  A good review of the best conventional treatment options. This is the home page of the Cancer Prevention Coalition.  This is an organisation started by  Professor Samuel Epstein, the world renowned toxicologist.  He advises governments on their toxicology programs.  Dismayed by the lack of transmission of this kind of information to the general public he started the C.P.C. to make this information available to all. If you've been diagnosed with cancer, or someone you know has, or you don't want to get cancer this is the site to start with.  Gives an overview of alternative approaches to cancer treatment and prevention.  Also gives the same kind of information to those who have been tested as HIV positive. YES TO LIFE is a charitable initiative to open up a positive future for people with cancer in the UK by supporting an integrative approach to cancer care.   An integrative approach is one that allies the best of Complementary & Alternative Medicine with standard care, to widen choice, extend care and improve results. Essential reading if you are trying to decide whether or not to vaccinate your children or yourself. The powers that be are trying to legislate to remove our freedom of choice on how we take control of our own health.  This site keeps you up to date with all the latest developments. The Campaign for Truth in Medicine is an organisation that attempts to cut through the vested interest which can colour health reporting so that you can get the real information. The site looks at the politics behind the pharmaceutical industry and tries to shed some light on the hidden agendas which some people believe exist. If you are having difficulty finding your organic products then this site is for you as they have more than 900. A fast and efficient service too. If you quote our web reference number AE033801WEB with your first order then we will get some free organic choccies. Yum Yum! This site gives you great advice on how to set up your home office to minimise the stress on your body.

Weight Loss This is a weight loss system which certainly worked for us.



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