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Jane Elizabeth

Jane Elizabeth

For many years I have been involved in a variety of preventative programmes within the NHS field; from smoking cessation, cancer prevention to sexual health, where I was a project worker encouraging people to take the positive steps for a more healthy improved lifestyle.

I have been part of the H.I.V. remit of North Staffordshire for sometime, case working for those who need extra support and guidance from time to time.

All of these areas have touched me and are still very close to my heart, sometimes it's that connection that leaves a lasting impression for a long time afterwards.

However through my working life I knew I wanted to do something within the remit of complementary therapies. This keen interest stems back some years, I have always had a passion for health but I wanted to work on a more holistic level.

A good friend recommended that I should have a reiki treatment. I went for my first reiki session and was blown away by the positive energy and aura that was emitting from my reiki therapist. I connected with her straight away. The treatment I received that day impacted on me so much so that I just knew that this was the field of work I needed to follow.

Since then I have gained level I and II Usui Reiki and level I and II Angelic Reiki, a diploma in complementary full body massage, level 3 sport massage and hot stone therapy massage.

Offering therapies to clients to aid rest and recovery is most important. Connecting with people and getting their feedback gives me the energy and encouragement to keep on training and moving forward. Sharing my knowledge and experience in order to benefit others both mentally and physically is an essential part of my working profession.

Jane practises Massage, Reiki and Natural Facials.

Jane's website.

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Telephone Jane 07825 248869.



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