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The secondary aim of the Ishta Centre was to provide education about wellness which would empower people to be able to improve their own level of health. 

To this aim several classes, workshop,s talks and seminars are held here. 

The centre is also a venue for training courses too.


Events Currently at the Ishta Centre


Cancer Support

This information is useful to anyone who has cancer and wants to help themselves with their own recovery; those who have recovered from cancer and don't want it to come back; those who are looking after someone with cancer; and anyone who doesn't want to develop cancer.

More information about cancer support here.


Ishta Spinal Touch

The Foundation Course in Ishta Spinal Touch is open to anyone, lay people and therapists alike. At the end of the two-day seminar you will be able to treat family and friends on a non-fee basis.  It is perfect for those wishing to learn a simple version of the technique to improve and maintain the health of their friends and family.

More information here.

Practitioner training in Ishta Spinal Touch is also available.


Home Based Business in the Wellness Field

We ofer training and support for a home based business in the wellness field.

More information here. Alternatively email Allyn or Sue.



Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is a more holistic form of yoga than others on offer today.  It consists of several elements all of which are brought into every session or class.

More information here.



Classes in meditation to help you cope with the stresses of life.

More information here.


Open Days

We arrange open days at the centre where you can come in and meet the team and find out how we can help you attain a better level of health.  See the What’s On section of the newsletter for dates.


Qi Gung

Qi gung (pronounced Chee-Gung) is a form of gentle exercise that was put together by monks in ancient China as a way to keep their bodies fit, strong, supple and relaxed as a counterpoint to the hours they spent every day in meditation. These exercises can be practiced by virtually anyone today as a way of increasing their overall health, wellbeing and vitality.

More information here.


Reiki Shares

Get togethers where you can swap Reiki with others

More information here.


Reiki Training

Learn how to help family and friends with this simple yet profound healing system.

More information here.



Times to recharge your batteries and regain focus.

More information here.


Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance is about unity, the simple joy of being in harmony with a circle of dancing people, moving as one. It can be slow and meditative; faster and energising; lyrical and relaxing; always beautiful.

We can experience this unity physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

More information here.


Other Events

There are other individual events at the centre and information about these can be found in our newsletter.

For full details of classes workshops talks and seminar on at the centre subscribe to our newsletter and in each issue there is a “What’s On” section.



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